Walking Through Walls, my latest novel

In “Walking through Walls” we meet Nina who leads a very ordinary life, void of love and passion. One day after work, she unintentionally kills a robber and lands in prison. She must leave the comfy oblivion of her everyday life for the claustrophobic gray conformity of prison. There a second chance awaits her, but to take it, she must change. And to do that, she must stay alive. This fast paced novel has colorful characters, vivid and atmospheric descriptions, and an unexpected ending.

The gate clangs shut, and her harsh apprenticeship begins: vicious fights, lifesaving tips from her cell mate, an old doctor’s guidance. And when her late brother’s best friend Stephen begins to visit, long-buried feelings surface. She has the opportunity to emerge from prison as a woman capable of a new life with love.

Walking Through Walls is a multi layered, fast moving and captivating novel. Winters, an excellent storyteller, weaves crisp dialogue with edge and action, with love and unexpected humor.” -Esther Schneider, Author

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Read here the first 3 chapters of Walking Through Walls.

“Jeffrey Winters did an amazing job at portraying a woman who is at a crossroad in her life, the challenges she faces, and an outcome that speaks well of a better life.” -Roxanne Talltree-Douglas