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I have over 25 years of martial arts training and experience. I began and trained with Chris Chen in Chinese Wing Chun, a style developed by women to compensate for their smaller size and power. I then trained with Rene’ Latosa in the Philippine art of Escrima-stick fighting. I received my second degree black belt from Grandmaster Rick Alemany in Kenpo Karate. I am a student of world renowned Grandmaster Michael De Alba in the Korean warrior’s martial art Farang Mu Sul.

I am honored to learn from world famous martial artists. Each style has a unique emphasis. At this stage in my life, I need more than just a fighting style. Farang Mu Sul and Grandmaster De Alba incorporate character development and the ethics of a warrior, with a well rounded approach to self defense. This style includes grappling, weapons, close quarter combat and effective street fighting techniques.


Grandmaster Michael de Alba and student (me)


I began teaching martial arts in the 1990′s as a student of Grandmaster Alemany. My teaching focused on young children advancing through the Kenpo Karate belt system.

modern-farang-mu-sulAs an outgrowth of my training with Grandmaster De Alba I began teaching self defense classes. I’ve taught in the Bay Area and in my current community in Northern California. I have been an Adjunct Instructor at the College of the Siskiyous and taught in various community settings such as local gyms, pilates and yoga studios.

My emphasis has been on women’s self defense. I believe firmly that every woman has the right to be free of assault and intimidation. My goal is to teach women how to hurt a predator long enough to get away.

I have also had the privilege of teaching self defense to college age disabled students. Here again my emphasis is on practical techniques tailored to each student’s unique strengths and challenges.

Self Defense WorkshopWorkshops Available

I am available for personalized self defense workshops in your community. Please contact me at:

I attend and offer many trainings and over the last few years both my daughters attended Jeffrey Winter’s Self Defense for Women workshop. I think they both benefited from the depth and reality of experiencing and learning how to get away from an attacker. -Amy Cooper, Shasta Yoga Center