I have a 25 year work history in sales and marketing throughout the Bay Area. I am experienced in direct sales and team leadership. I have also served as a sales consultant to companies, helping their employees become more effective and profitable.

In creating and directing the Mount Shasta International Film Festival from 2004-2008 I utilized a range of professional skills and abilities in sales, marketing, negotiation, fundraising, volunteer coordination grant writing and recruitment. I also excelled at working with the press, in print, radio, and television, to promote the Festival. As a result, the Festival was a success and our community benefitted from a substantial uptick in local revenue and cultural prestige.

If you are starting up a new business, or looking to improve your bottom line, I am available to share my skills and expertise. My consulting services are available to you, on line, by phone, or in person throughout the United States.

Self Defense WorkshopsSelf Defense Workshops / Martial Arts Training

I began teaching martial arts in the 1990′s as a student of Grandmaster Alemany. My teaching focused on young children advancing through the Kenpo Karate belt system. As an outgrowth of my training with Grandmaster De Alba I began teaching self defense classes.I have a 2nd degree black belt and received training by fantastic instructors in various styles. I am available for personalized self defense workshops in your community.  Please read more here.