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Walking Through Walls
In Walking through Walls we meet the central character Nina who has never recovered from her twin brother’s death during Desert Storm. One day after work, she unintentionally kills a robber which lands her in prison. She must leave the comfy oblivion of her everyday life for the claustrophobic gray conformity of prison. There a second chance awaits her, but to take it, she must change. And to do that, she must stay alive.

Mystic Uncle and the Magical Bridge
Mystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge is a young-adult fantasy adventure tale about two teen-age boys recruited to save a parallel world. Their guide is Mystic Uncle who trains them in the art of being a warrior. At the same time they learn about love, friendship and overcoming hardships.


Bhutan: “The Land of the Thunder Dragon”
Published 2002 in the San Jose Mercury News Sunday travel section.

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