About Jeffrey Winters


I began writing during college at Hofstra University for the Gadfly – a humor/satire magazine. I continued at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee when I created Snide, I established this satire magazine, recruited staff, solicited investors, sold advertising, did distribution throughout the state, and wrote many of the articles myself.

Film too has always been a passion and interest of mine. I attended Film School in Berkeley, California and made a short film that aired on a CBS affiliate. When I lived in the Bay Area, I wrote film reviews for local community based newspapers, starting in the early 1990′s. I continued writing film reviews for my local paper in Mt. Shasta, California when I moved here. You can read examples of my film reviews on this website.

I also have experience as a writing instructor with high school students. In the 1990′s, I volunteered as a guest creative writing instructor in the unique Think/Write program at San Francisco’s Lowell High School. My class published a small literary review of poems and prose.

In 2002, my photographs and article “Bhutan Still Wary, but Welcoming” headlined the San Jose Mercury News Sunday travel section. I have included this on the website for you to read.

I am the author of two works of fiction. My literary persona is founded upon a deep personal credo that one should seize and act upon any “second chance” that life might offer. This theme is in my latest adult novel Walking Through Walls. Another theme which inspires me, is the importance of self-esteem, dignity, respect and loyalty. This is central to my young adult mythological adventure tale: Mystic Uncle And The Magical Bridge. Excerpts and links to purchase these books are available.

Entering The Circle” is my current work in progress and an excerpt interview with a female doctor trained with shamans and healers is available for reading.

This year I became a member of the National Advisory Board of Book Bank, USA. Book Bank USA helps bring books and libraries to countries around the world. Please visit our website to read about the wonderful accomplishments of this prestigious organization (www.bookbankusa.org).

Shortly I will begin my blog where you will find updates on my book in progress. You can reach me on my email at jeff@jeffreywinters.com


I have a 25 year work history in sales and marketing throughout the Bay Area. I am experienced in direct sales and team leadership. I have also served as a sales consultant to companies, helping their employees become more effective and profitable.

In the mid 1990′s artist & designer Terry Eden and I founded Studio Paradiso, a marketing and design studio dedicated to producing unique collateral, logos, and illustration for corporate marketing needs. Our work was memorable, persuasive and effective.

Contact me through this website for your stand alone writing needs and sales training to improve sales and effectiveness.

Self Defense and Martial Arts

I have a 2nd degree black belt and received training by fantastic instructors in various styles. I am very proud to be a student with my current instructor world renowned GrandMaster Michael De Alba. At the core of my training is learning to be an effective warrior in all forms of self defense, including weapons. Most important however is my development and guidance by GrandMaster Michael De Alba in learning the code of a warrior which is personal integrity and character development. Please read more here.


Photography is a lifelong passion for me. As I have traveled around the world I have taken many photos, especially of the fascinating people and cultures I have encountered. Please browse through the photo gallery and enjoy.

Mount Shasta Film FestivalMount Shasta International Film Festival

When I moved to Mount Shasta, California in 2004, the idea for this Festival was just a dream, but it excited many of us in the community. It started as a one man show and evolved into a 501(c)(3) non profit. My hope and our goal and mission was to bring culture and business to Siskiyou County.

During our 5 year run, the Mount Shasta International Film Festival showed many innovative, creative and inspirational movies from around the world (see our website – www.shastafilmfest.com for an archived list of all feature films, documentaries, and shorts).

Download here the last program of the Mount Shasta International Film Festival as PDF file.